A graphic design team based in Munich.

Rike Michaelsen & Andrea Mönch



Posing the famous question

'Will happiness find me?'*

we’d say 'Yes, it finds us

when we are creating.'

We love to work together

and also share a love for being

at the ocean,

diving into meditation,

taking pictures, playing with words

and creating hand printed editions.



Our focus is

on books, magazines, stationery,

brand identities, websites and blogs.



If you like

to make an inquiry or just

want to say hello,

we’d love to hear from you.












Rike Michaelsen & Andrea Mönch


Tel 089 . 20 20 68 15

Ringseisstrasse 11 A

80337 Munich







UST-IdNr. DE 245 340 990



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